YONG TAO FOO 酿馅/煎酿三宝馅/肉馅

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Yong Tao Foo as known as Stuffed tofu, belonging to Hakka cuisine. As early as the Han Dynasty, the formation of the flavour of the Hakka cuisine has been inseparable from the formation of the Hakka people. They said, a man from WuHua and a man from XingNing were good brothers who worshiped. Later because of the contradiction when ordering food, one want to eat meat and one want to eat tofu. Later, the owner of restaurant came up with the best of both worlds, the way to make the stuffed tofu. This expresses the wisdom of the Hakka people and the profound Hakka food culture, Yong Tao Foo is often used during the Chinese New Year or special date to serving guests.


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